ServerStatus Update: Dark Theme + Mobile Interface

While the Mobile Interface is not necessarily new, I have not mentioned it here. The mobile interface works by hiding table columns in order to make room for the more important stuff (Load, RAM, HDD). At it’s smallest configured resolution you will see: Status (Up/Down), Name, Load, Ram and HDD status. The name column will cut-off the name should names be a little too long.

In addition to the Mobile Interface I’ll be uploading a dark theme for those, like me, who wish to have a dark theme vs. a bright one.

Download ServerStatus from GitHub


  • Dan Rovito

    Is there any way to show ram and HDD usage instead of what is remaining?

    • Michael

      Yes, in your uptime.php replace lines 43-45 with: $array[‘memory’] = ‘$memory';

      Lines 57-59 replace with: $array[‘hdd’] = ‘$hdd'; however you will have to calculate the results and convert to MB or GB.

      This is untested but should work no problem, however YMMV.

  • Jall

    i cant use. im use windows you use fuction for unix/linux. but i like your script

    • ɐssɐɔ

      I want a Windows version too. I’m hosting games like Cube World, and those needs Windows to run. Maybe an idea for Version 3?

      • Michael

        Good suggestions, unfortunately I don’t have a windows environment to test this. I will seek out to see if anyone is willing to donate a vps and a windows server license.

        • ɐssɐɔ

          I can test the script for you if you want to ;)

  • mike

    Please get this working for windows please!

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