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Hyrule.net – The Original Zelda Online!

Hyrule.net was originally founded in December 1998 by Dustin Bolton and later picked up by myself in 2009. While Dustin still owns the domain name I have assumed full operation of the website and its web hosting, website development and social media. Hyrule.net currently serves over 1 Million pageviews monthly and steadily growing.

Hyrule.net uses: WordPress, Invision Power Board, IPBWI, and Bootstrap, with customized HTML, CSS and PHP to bring together the website and features.

ZREOMirror.com – Zelda Re-orchestrated Mirror

After ZREO staff announced that they will be shutting down the project, at the beginning of this month, I created ZREOMirror.com to keep a mirror of the website available for the foreseeable future. The website itself uses three virtual private servers, one for frontend website and two for storage.

ZREOMirror.com servers run Debian Squeeze with nginx and php5-fpm, with the primary frontend server being used as an nginx loadbalancer and proxy. It currently serves several hundred gigabytes of data monthly.

NIWANetwork.org – Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance

NIWA Network is a community of independent nintendo related wikis, working together to form one of the biggest wiki alliances without a company behind it. I created their website a few years ago using strict html and css with a little bit of php to pull it all together.

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