Server Status 3 – ACP Overview

Here is a quick tease of the Overview page within the Admin Control Panel of Server Status 3.


Quick Gallery Updated!



An update to Quick Gallery has been published, new features include cached thumbnails, support for multiple folders and an overall better design. The update brings introduces only 1 more file and some slight modifications to the original file. Quick Gallery has and always will be lightweight and quick, added features like cached thumbnails will only make it quicker for you and your viewers.


You can find the latest Quick Gallery on Github!

ServerStatus Update: Dark Theme + Mobile Interface

While the Mobile Interface is not necessarily new, I have not mentioned it here. The mobile interface works by hiding table columns in order to make room for the more important stuff (Load, RAM, HDD). At it’s smallest configured resolution you will see: Status (Up/Down), Name, Load, Ram and HDD status. The name column will cut-off the name should names be a little too long.

In addition to the Mobile Interface I’ll be uploading a dark theme for those, like me, who wish to have a dark theme vs. a bright one.

Download ServerStatus from GitHub


Quick Gallery

Instantly make your web folder of images an online gallery. Uses FancyBox to create image popups when image thumbnails are clicked. Requires only 1 2.3KB file to work, the rest is loaded via the fast jsdelivr javascript CDN and jquery’s cdn.

Supports by default: png, jpg, jpeg, and gif but you are able to extend this by modifying line 34:

$allowed_types = array('png','jpg','jpeg','gif');

ServerStatus Screenshot

ServerStatus is based off BlueVM’s Uptime Checker script, original download and information.

It uses Bootstrap for theming and progress bars.

You can currently see Load, RAM (free), HDD (free) statistics, and if it is online or not.

My GitHub Repos


Server Status website script, displays uptime (days), free RAM, free HDD.

Quick Gallery

Instantly make your web folder of images an online gallery.

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